About The Deep Sky Monologues

The Deep Sky Monologues was conceived in 2013 with the intent of regular delivery to late-night radio. Over time, the distractions of life led to the decision to release initially as a podcast. It would be great to offer a definite and regular schedule for episode release (perhaps once a month initially), but this will not be possible without support. Have a look at our shop for purchases or donations, and of course feel free to get in contact with some encouraging words or anything else.

The show takes inspiration from some of the early works of Joe Frank, whose dark deadpan tone inspired much of the delivery found in The Deep Sky Monologues.

Each episode is created in a largely stream-of-consciousness fashion, revealing themes and ideas which are sometimes as much a surprise to the author as the audience. Much of the work of putting together The Deep Sky Monologues is done in the dead of the night, when the world calms enough to hear the softer voices of the mind speak clearly.

Seth Harris is the author and narrator of The Deep Sky Monologues. He was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives in Sydney's Inner West.